What Is The Brain?

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Human Anatomy

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What Is The Brain?

What i'm trying to explain is that there is two sides of the brain

All about your brain The human brain is like a smart computer that stores our memorys and controls. The brain contains billions of nerve cells. The human brain is over three times bigger than other animals. The brain of an adult weighs 3 pounds that is about 2% of the weightof the body.

Researchers think by drinking water will help the brain think better because it will free up the parts of the brain that were busy ‘telling’

The human brain is protected by the skull that is surrounding it. 22 bones make up the skull


To create a poster about the brain.

What is the brain?

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The right side

The left side

The left side off the brain is math, stratagy, and hard work.

The right side of the brain is creative, artisic, and peacful.

the body it was thirsty.

Nervous system

How fast would it take for the hand to send a message to the brain and then the

brain send a message back to the handand right then , the hand moves away .

Fun Fact The awnser to my question in fact 3 is . . . in the amount of time it takes you to say Mississippi three times, a nerve could send an electrical signal the length of a football field there and back. so you have a good idea about how fast it would take. correct

Nervous - Circulatory Baroreceptors send information to the brain about blood pressure.The brain regulates heart rate and blood pressureNervous - Respiratory The brain regulates respiratory rate.Nervous - Digestive The brain controls drinking and feeding behavior.


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