What is Social Studies?

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Social Studies

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What is Social Studies?

Social Studiesnoun: the study of how people live and organize themselves in society, including history, geography, economics, and other subjects.

geographynoun:a science that deals with the location of living andnonliving things on earth and the way they affect one another.

unraveling the mystery . . .dream • discover • explore

5 Themes of Geography•place•location•movement•interaction•regions

All men, by nature, desire to know. — Aristotle

economicsnoun:the science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of humankind.

4 understandings about history:• histories have human authors• history is interpretive• historians are selective about what to include or leave out in the versions they offer.• history is not facts but the meanings that are assigned to those facts

historynoun:the study of what happened in the past; a record of past events.

What is Social Studies?



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