What is Reactive Attachment Disorder

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What is Reactive Attachment Disorder

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder?


When an infant or child is not capable of establishing healthy attachments to parents or caregivers because their basic needs of comfort, affection and nurture have not been met and prevents them from creating loving and caring attachments. (Mayoclinic, 2015).

How does an attachment disorderdevelop?

* have a safe, stable living situation * have consistent caregivers to encourage a stable attachment for the child * develop positive interactions with caregivers/parents and siblings * encourage the child's development by being nurturing and responsive * help the child explore, express and understand their emotions * listen, talk and play with the child * gradually introduce physical contact to the child

How to support children at home

Raising Julia

* avoids eye contact* doesn’t smile* doesn’t reach out to be picked up* rejects your efforts to calm, soothe, and connect* doesn’t seem to notice or care when you leave them alone* isn’t interested in playing interactive games or playing with toys* spends a lot of time rocking or comforting themselves


* provide a stable and predictable routine * ensure good behaviour is rewarded every time * follow through with consequences every time * provide choices for the child * pick battles wisely

How to support children in the classroom

Internal Working Model (Bowlby, 1969)

(Smith, Saisan & Segal, 2015)



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