What Is Political Corruption

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What Is Political Corruption

What Is Political Corruption? Politcal Corruption is government officals who have power use their influence for illesiti mate private gang. This is only in the case, if the act is directly related to their offical duties. Corruption is a misuse of government funds (money) it is not easy to prove. These officals use government money to help towards illisale activities like fake companies to drug trafficking. In return the officals get payments of cash and favors.

Global CorruptionThis is the overall view of national and international corruption around the world.Effects:- Corruption undermines the people - Reducess acountabilty- Lack of provsions of services- Undermines the legitimacy of government

Envirronmental and social effect:Most often in small income countries, where foreign aid (money) to help with health services, were never envested or given to the people needing medical care. There is enough money to help with health care but the money ends up n the wrong hands. (officals) as personal gain.

Bribery:The payment of money to a government offical for use of his offical power. For bribery to work it always takes two people; One to give and one to take. Usually a bribe is used to bypass laws and regulations. It is estimated that bribery worldwide is over 1 trillion US dollars each year.Embezzlement:This is the theft of entrusted money. The most common, is a government official using government money for personal use, like renovating his house.Water:Billions of lives are at risk. With climate change and the misuse of our water supply around the world because of human development. This is destroying our ecosystem. Global policy needs to challenge and fix the corruption that is destroying the planets water supply.

Health:With an average of 3 trillian US dollars a year, mostly finanaced by tax payers, is put towards health care services. This is a very large sum of money, that can be a target for abuse. Good redord keeping can help maintain corruption, but honest mistakes can happen. So it is hard to confirm loss of money related to personal gain. This abuse of money is vast in poor or rich countries. Money can be gone before it even leaves the government.


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