What Is Culture?

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What Is Culture?

What Is Culture?Culture is the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs. The language the people speak and what they wear are examples that make up a culture.

What Is Culture?

Culture includes the work people do, their behaviors, beliefs, and their ways of doing things. Grandparents and parents pass these things to their children generation to generation. A certain group's individual skills, customs, and ways of doing things are it's cultural traits. Cultural traits may change, but will change very slowly.

Any changes to an environment is its cultural landscape. It includes technology used to make changes and how it varines from culture to culture. For example, places with many mountains causes people to carve terraces in them to create flat land so that people can grow and live on.

Cultures develop over a long period of time. Geographers say that early cultures went through four stages: the invention of tools, the discovery of fire, the growth of agriculture or farming, also the use of writing. The tools were wooden or stone. They used them to hunt, gather plants, and fish. During the discovery of fire they would move to colder climates and start to cook using the heat of the fire. People grew crops and tamed wild animals using agriculture. It provided a steady food supply that caused the birth rate to rise. People could store what they learned and pass it to others by writing.

Geographers study the effect people have on their environment. The culture's technology, or tools and the skills people need to use them. People use technology to take advantage of natural resources and change the environment. Technology can mean tools such as computers and the Internet. Stone tools and the ability to make them are other examples. Geographers use technology to see how advanced a culture is.


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