What is courage and humility

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What is courage and humility

What Is Humility?

What Is Courage?

HUMILITY-Dont think your better then anyone else. Dont be cocky. -Do not take yourself too seriously.-Make others feel as important as you are.-Be open, innocent, loving, and accepting. Humility also includes strength-as does love.-Humility is strength not weakness, love not servitude, humility is not humiliation."Knowledge of self and Humility go hand in hand." - -Keep within the bounds of truth.-humility helps one grow within themeselves and learn.

''Do some things more highly prized than merely chasing butterflies"- Bettina R. Flores- life gives you so many oppurtunities, that without courage you wouldn't make sacrofices.-

Its All in the FrijolesCourage ' HumilityBy: Jose I., Jaime S. ' Stephanie B

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Humility and courage seem to be two different concepts but in reality if you did not get humiliated you wouldn't have the courage to go back out and try not to make the same mistake.


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