What is black hole?

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What is black hole?

A black hole is a hole with strong force that can pull. any light that goes in a star or not nothing can escape not a single light.The black cant be seen or heard but can be detected by a speacial instraument that senses activity. The End

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What is a black hole?a black hole is a hole that has a force so strong that nothing can escape from the inside

Fact 1: Did you know the oldest black hole was born about 770 million years ago? Fact 2: Did you know that you can not see a black hole but you can detect the activity around it?Fact 3: Did you know when stars die and run out of fuel they become black holes?Fact 4:Did you know the fastest spinning black hole spins 950 times per second?Fact 5:Did you know when are sun dies and runs out of fuel it will become a MASSIVE black hole?Fact 6: Did you know that no light can escaoe a black hole?Fact 7:Did you know that in the milkyway there might be a massive black hole?Fact 8:Did you know nothing can escape a black hole as soon as you past its border?Fact 9:Did you know that becuase our milkyway has about 100 billion stars there could be 100 billion black holes?

9 Facts about black holes

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