What is an Urban?

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What is an Urban?


Urban- A city with a large variety of different cultures as well as diversity,

Everybody has their own perception of an urban. Many of the people in the video related an urban to being "ghetto" or "black." In reality, and urban is populated with many different cultures, ethnicities, and religions. The people used in this video portrays diversity and explains the different aspects of an urban.

-Cities with dense populations tend to have higher crime rates. -Crime rates increase due to poverty and lack of proper education. -Homcide rates in cities are higher than suburban areas.


This video of Philadephia is used to attract tourists and only portays the beauties of the city. In reality, we all know that not all parts of Philadelphia are pretty. Low-income families populate most of the inner city. Eduaction systems in most parts fail the children due to lack of funds and lack of professional teachers, counselors, and other important members of the accidemic support system.


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