What Is Alzheimer's

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What Is Alzheimer's

* A result of genetics, lifestyle, and environment* Down syndrome* Head injuries* Cholesterol levels* High blood pressure


* Memory loss* Challenges in problem solving* Confusion with time and/or place*Changes in personality* Poor judgment

* Cholinesterase inhibitors decrease the breakdown of acetylcholine* Aricept curbs the dreakdown of acetylcholine* Namenda regulates the activity of different brain chemicals* Exelon maximises the brians potential* Cognex hightens vision systems

* Eat healthier* Mental stimulation* Get enough sleep* Stress managament* Regular exercise

Tips for Prevention

Contact Information

For more information call:1.800.272.3900 or visitwww.alz.org/oc/

What isAlzheimer's?

Causes ' Risk Factors


Alzheimer's is a progressive disease that breaks down the nerves in your brain

Myth or Fact

* Memory loss - Fact* Alzheimer's is fatal - Myth* Aspartame causes memory loss - False* Flu shots can increase chance of getting Alzheimer's - False* Treatment can stop the progression of Alzheimer's - Flase

Sherri Hufstedler9/28/14


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