[2015] Lena Ahn: What I'm thankful for

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[2015] Lena Ahn: What I'm thankful for

What I'm Thanful for

My family helps me when I struggle, and need help, my family pulls me through.I'm thankful for my little sister because she makes me laugh. My parents help me at school work and takes care of me, and my grandma helps me get ready for any thing. Also my family supports me for everthing

By Lena Ahn



My Friends are always there for me and always joke and cheers me up when I'm blue , and I always have someone to talk to and laugh to. We dance together and do homework together. I'm thankful for my friends because they are always by my side.

My teachers

My animal friends

I'm thankful for my teachers from kindergarten to 5th grade. But I have one teacher whose is a super hero. Mrs.Saiki! She teaches math,social studies and reading. She uses her time for us. Also taught me a special word. Ohana[which means family].

I'm thankful for my pet dog [And puppy]. His name is Kenny. He is loyal and calm . He loves getting petted, so he makes me feel good and calm. He never ran away from me. And he is also by my side. That's what I call my furry friend.


  • MrsSaiki 5 years ago

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    Lena, this is beautifully done. Your writing has come such a long way. You are supporting your ideas with solid examples and evidence. There is a nice flow to your writing and you writing is reflective. The visual balance of images and font size are symmetrical. It is a beautiful visual representation full of heartfelt content. And just so you know, I think that YOU are a super hero!