What I Write (National Day on Writing)

by MrHodgson
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What I Write (National Day on Writing)

What I Write: An Archeologist of an IdeaWhat I don’t know when I write are the mysteries of ideas -the shadows filtering in from outside of myselfas some sort of jewelhalf-hidden away in my consciousness demanding freedomfrom the perpetual over-thinking of just about everything.And so, pen scratching paper,fingers pounding keyboard,skin touching screen,the writer in me tinkers with these treasures that slowly unfold as a singular phrase,an inspiring song,a passionate letter,a sad story,a shout-out-loud yelp into the wilderness of the world,a poem -- always, it seems, my mind comes back to me as a poem --which circles back around on itselfuntil the grains of time get gently brushed awayand I, the writer, slowly emerge as an archeologist of an idea.

What I WriteBy Kevin HodgsonNational Day on Writing


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