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What I want to be

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I would like to grow up and become a doctor. because i like being able to support my family which i do intend on having. I already have a girlfriend but in the future id like a wife and three adorable children. Im not one for the life of the glamourus and the rich but i do want me and my family comfortable and happy. I will also be joining the military in a few years and going off to basic during the summer of my junoir year. needless to say i am excited and enthralled by my goal to serve my country to the best of my abilities


What I Want to BE...

Why ?

I would like to be a doctor preferably a surgeonHave a family of one wife and three kidsAnd join the millitary as a medic.


This is a video of millitary basic training which belive it or not im excited for.

I hope to do this as soon as possible so that i may make my life for me and my loved ones a happy and prosperous one filled with joy and tranquility




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