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What I learned INED 7780

Time Line



#1 By the end of the spring semester, I will be able to analyze effective collaboration, consultation, and teamwork theories, models, and elements for facilitating collaborative structures to support positive outcomes for students with disabilities in inclusive environments by incorporating 2-3 collaborative strategies learned in 7720 within my practice and class assignments. #2By the end of the spring semester, I will be able to summarize the impact of disability on family functioning, community participation and career development for the life of a student with disabilities by completing all aspects of the Family Partnership Project and identifying at least 3 solutions to aid families and encourage community participation/career develop for students with disabilities.#3 By the end of the spring semester, I will engage in routine self-reflection on assumptions, biases, and responses to differences by critically analyzing my collaboration with various school-related professionals and parents weekly within a journal.


Interpersonal Communication Plan


Collaborative Models


Co-Teaching Project

Family Partnership


Advocacy Plan

Kierra Gambrell INED 7780 April 22, 2015

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood” – Stephen Convey

Co-teaching Clip

FAMILY PARTNERSHIP GLOGSTER LINK http://kgambre1.edu.glogster.com/strengthening-family-partnerships/

Transition Planning

Action Oriented

Check our my video and audio reflections. They are embedded throughough my glogster!

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“More young adults with disabilities live with their parents, relatives, or legal guardians after high school than is the case for youth without disabilities”(as cited in Newman et al., 2009; Wagner et al., 2005). “19% of students with disabilities attend four-year colleges and universities, compared to the 40% of students without disabilities.”“Young adults with disabilities lag behind their peers without disabilities in life-skills areas like managing household responsibilities and obtaining a driver’s license” (as cited in Newman et al., 2009; Wagner et al., 2005).“Students with disabilities continue to demonstrate poorer employment outcomes than do other young adults (e.g. fewer hours per week, lower salaries, and reduced benefits)” (as cited in Newman et al., 2011).

Alarming Statistics (keep scrolling down)


Video Reflection



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