What Human Activities Effect the Supply and Demand of Water Resources?

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What Human Activities Effect the Supply and Demand of Water Resources?

Water Quality• Color and turbidity levels become problematic during the rainy season; November and December is their rainy season. • Rivers have highly natural fluoride concentration; fluoride is highly toxic; fluoride can cause arthritic symptoms and bone fracture well before the onset of crippling fluorosis, and can affect many other tissues besides bone and teeth, including the brain and thyroid gland.• Urban areas where effluent and storm water cause local contamination

What human activities effect the supply and demand of water resources?

Pollution of Water• Solids and colloidal materials are resposible for increased sedimentation in water bodies.• The erosion of tailings dumps, the ground and surface water is contaminted with toxic substances,• At low pH values, heavy metals (iron, magnessium, cadium, zinc, aluminum) can create serious water pollution problems.• Gold is extracted from the soil using mervury, which contaminates soil and water.

• The majority of lakes in Tanzania are not polluted• Lakes that are polluted are located in: -Lake Tanganyika & Victoria, Africa's deepest lake, is facing a high risk of pollution• Areas close to large polluting industries, such as sisal processing;• Areas where mining is a major means of income generation;• Areas where pesticide application is extensive.


Methods of Pollution Control• Drainage and refuse handling can be solved if people actually participate in keeping their surroundings clean -a recycling program can be investigated, it will also generate jobs for Tanzanian citizens• Recycling of liquid and solid waste should be assesed -inventing a method for converting waste into a usable resource that can supply limitless enegry -using solid waste as fertilizers, it will help redouce the amount of chemical fertilizers that are polluting the water


3 Pillars of SustainabilityEnvironmental: The things people do tht is effecting the water that they need.Social: Considering the lack of water in Tanzania and a lot of poeple will make them selfish.Economic: A lot of people need water, so the prices of the water will rise.


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