What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

By being on the A-Level media course, I have learnt much more about technologies than I had previously known. I have had to work with new websites such as Prezi, Scribd, Slideshare and Voki whilst researching and planning the film opening. This made me feel prepared to face the new equipment that I would have to use.

We used a Dell Computer to edit our film opening. This took a while to get used to as it was very new and quite complex. However, once I had worked with it for a while, it became a lot simpler, which enabled me to use it effectively. To edit, we used Adobe Premiere Pro, which was a challenging piece of technology to grasp. Although it provided some really effective features so that you could edit both the audio and visual, to create the final piece that you want, it took a while to find and understand this information. Therefore, we spent some time looking through the programme in depth and delving into all of the features that it contained. This impacted our final piece and how we tried to create a professional looking piece through it.

We used reflection to try and bring our work up to a high quality. By reflecting upon the work that we had already filmed, in Premier Pro, we managed to edit the final piece into exactly what we wanted. The way in which it allowed us to look closely into the filming that we had to see where errors and unprofessionalism was present.

To create a high quality effect whilst constructing our film opening, we used a Canon HDV Camera to record the film. This was a challenge that I had to overcome as it relied on a tape to record the footage on to. Learning to set this up correctly was difficult as it was completely new to me, and as we were the only ones using it in our class, I could not ask for help from our peers.We also used a Tripod to maintain a steady film. Although I had already used this for my early GCSE, it took a while to get in to the routine of using it for a second time. I found the Tripod to be quite simple to use, after practise, which ultimately ended up maintaining a high quality film through how steady the camera was.

In conclusion, I found technology to be a really important aspect for the construction of my media product as it impacted in all elements of it, the research, planning, construction and editing. Although it was testing at times to use the technologies, I am glad that I persevered and ended up creating a high quality piece of work.



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