What happens in the international space station

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What happens in the international space station

What happens in the international space station?


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Who is currently up in space?

What exercises are done on the ISS?

On the ISS, the astronauts use some equipment that we use on earth such as a treadmill or a cycle ergometer (which is basically a bicycle that you would find at the gym). They train for two hours a day. They get attached to the equipment so they don't float away. They also work on the ARED which stands for Advanced Resistive Exercise Device. They exercise because they must keep healthy and functional. If they don't exercise they will lose their muscle and bone density.

Currently in space, there are three astronauts: Scott Kelly, Mikhail Kornienko and Gennady Padalka. They have all been up there for 89 days and they are all flight engineers.

Astronauts sleep in a sleeping bag that is attached to the wall so they don't bump into things in their sleep. Most of the crew sleep in cabins.

How do astronauts sleep?

When the astronauts launch up from earth, they don't go straight up, they go in a spiral direction called a burn. They go around the earth once and then go a little bit further away from the earth. They do this one more time and then they do the correction burn which is just going in a circle. When they get in the right position, they get in front of the ISS, turn around facing the ISS and then do one more burn. Then they slow down and eventually get attached to the ISS.

How do astronauts get to space?


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