What happend to me .. it could happen to you

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What happend to me .. it could happen to you

- Anorexia is an eating and psychologic disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction, the obsessive fear of gaining weight, and a distorted body self-perception.- It's more frequent in women than men. Specially between 14-18 years old- People who suffer anorexia restrics their food intake and take control of their bodies - The organism loose lot of weight, can get very weak and if we don't do something on time the person can die- There are some psychological characteristics associated with the disease like perfectionism, low self-steem and insecurity.


The eating disorder of nowadays


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Causes: There is a important social factor present in fashion, TV and adverstising. There are some biological causes related with the hormones that control hungry and satiety Symptoms: Weight loosing, metabolic and hormonal disorders, irritability, social isolation, BDDTreatments: psychological treatment but also the person has to be restored to his/her normal weight in a healthy way


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