What did Canada do in Italy in WW2?

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World War II

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What did Canada do in Italy in WW2?

Canada was contributing in many battles in Italy in World War 2, such as; *The invasion of Sicily*Assult on The Itlian Mainland*Capture of RomeThe Invasion of Silicyon July 10, 1943 thousand Canadians landed on Silicy's beaches as a part of of the British Eight Army. the Army was led by General Bernard "Motty" Montgomery. The Allies ecountered mountainous terrain and extreme heat. Then, they met better armed and trained german troops at Agira, Regalbuto, and Etna. Canadians suffered more than 1300 casualties, of which almost 600 were fatal. Assult on the Italian MainlandOn September 1943 the Allies invaded the Italian mainland. Howeever, German troops were very prepared. They set up series of defensive positions, from one shore of Italy to another, known as the Gustav Line, the Winter Line and the Adolf Hitler Line. Germans used machine guns, barbed wires, land mines, and heavyartillery to defend themselves. Canadians and other Allied forces were fight in extreme weather to defeat the Germans.Capture of Rome:On June 4, 1944, Allied armies entered Rome. The armies included Canadian, British, American, New Zealand, Indian, South African, French, and polish soilders. Canadian force was divided into two. The task of the first force was to crept up Italian land and the task of the second force was to prepare for land-sea invasion. On that day Rome was capured from the Germans.

What did Canada do in WW2? Italy

" ...The mountains of Italy make natural fortresses; which is favourable for the defenders and denies use of the roads... Because the Germans had such an excellent vantage point, one of their anti-tank guns managed to knock out six of our Shermans(tanks), one after the other.- Doc Buckley, October 14, 1943

"The terrain in Italy is treacherous. Step cliffs and ravines are slowing the soilders down. Apparently maps are so bad that you have to rely on your compas and on your gut fellings..." - Doc Buckley, a medical officer with the Canadian troops, July 15, 1943


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