What Causes Seasons

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What Causes Seasons

My friends in Africa asked me, "Why are you having fall and winter when we are in our spring and soon it will be summer."Can you tell them?After this lesson, you will be able to explain what causes seasons to change, what physical changes happen in your environment because of the seasons, and most important, why does Africa get summer when I am in winter.

Read the book yourself. Download it from the attachments.

What season is it now?For the next month, write down the time of sunrise and sunset. You should be able to see the time change. Graph the times on a line graph. Are the days getting longer or shorter? Why is that?

Listen to the story then do the games at the end.

Let's rap about the seasons !

This is from a text book. Lots of good pictures.You can use your computer text to read if you would like to listen to the material

Words you should know.

Go to the site attached to the map. Find the information for your town or citythen

Then find the information for New York City. Compare the information. How are they different?

Get a piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Write you location at the top of one side and NYC on the other. Make a list of all the differences you can find.

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