What causes Depression

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What causes Depression

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What causes Depression

Depression is a mood disorder involving emotional, motivational, behavioural, physical and cognitive symptoms

Women have a much more higher chance of suffering from depression than men. There are a numerous amount of social factors that contribute towards this. Body image issues are quite common in adolesecence. Sexual changes during puberty can play a big role in dissappointment and dissatisfaction in young girls sexual development. Stress at work or school can have a small impact, the underlining sexism in work places can also increase stress levels for succeding. If in the form of a glass proof ceiling increases a higher chance of depression.

There has been studies showing depressive symptoms run in families. Estimates suggested around 30% of the varience in depressive symtomatology can be accounted for by inherited factors.Argawal et al,. 2004

Depressed individuals tend to have developed extremely negative views of themselves, the world around them and their own future. They have behavioural symptoms which include slowness of speech (Joiner, 2002) Emotional experiences of these individuals are usually nagative ones E.g Sad, hopeless, miserable, dejected ' discouraged.Feelings of unworthiness, low self esteem, lack of motivation, incentive, and spontaneity which leads to social withdrawal and development of deliberate self-harm. Depressed individuals exhibit a range of motivational deficts such as loss of interest in normal daily activities ' hobbies. Appetite and sexual desire can also be reduced while in this mood.

Social factors in women


Social Perspective

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The 2 main neurotransmitters linked to the symptoms of depression are serotonin and norepinephrine. Depression and mood disorders have been shown to be reliaby associated with abnormalities in levels of these 2 neurotransmitters. Delgado ' Moreno 2000

Cognitive Factors:Self- Evaluation = We evaluate how we are managing life tasks, and we evaluate whether we are doing what we should, saying what we should, or acting the way we should.Automatic Thoughts = Automatic thoughts are repetitive, automatic self-statements that we always say to ourselves in certain situations.Cognitive Distortions =Cognitive distortions are another way of describing the irrational ideas, overgeneralizing of simple mistakes, or developing false assumptions about what other people think about us, or expect from us



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