What Are the factors that lead to revolution

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What Are the factors that lead to revolution

Revolutions are of course revolutionary because citizens are achieving their right for a cause. A government has to be very corrupt in order for citizens to riot, protest, ect. enough in order to overthrow their government. Overthrowing a government can cause anarchy if someone does not take charge immediatly. Governments can be very cruel to their people for revolting. People can get seriously hurt but, if people are ready to sacrifice for their freedom it is very impacting. a Government can not solve unenployment, famine , poverty, sexisim, or racisim which can cause an uproar for citizens who are tired of these struggles. A revolution is for change, it can all just be peaceful or we can band up together to stop tyrannies

what are factors that lead to revolution?

By: Dylan Morales

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Factors that lead to revolutioN

1) Captialisim, sexisim, racisim, poverty, unenployment, famine.2) some people may arise from jealousy, personal ambition, great inequality of wealth, and incomplete fusion of the three cretiera.3) Tyrannies and oligarchies are also strong reasons for revolution


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