What are The Differences Between Modern Japan and Medieval Japan?

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What are The Differences Between Modern Japan and Medieval Japan?

Medieval Japan:- They lived in Castles. ~ For protection and defense reasons because during that time it was the era of the warring states. ~ The Castles were built on either mountain tops or flat plains. ~ There were moats that surrounded the castles. ~ There were built in traps to keep out attackers. ~ There were thousands of people who lived in one castle (towns grew around each castle).Modern Japan- They now live in apartments or smaller houses. ~ There wasn't a need for thousands of inhabitants or high-protection technologies.

Feudal System

Shintoism and Buddhism were and still are Japan's two main religions. They have "remained" for several centuries ever since Medieval Japan (samurais from before believed in them). Many Japanese consider themselves Buddhist, Shintoist or both.

Medieval Japan was more of a feudalistic state and that many people were restricted from several things - such as farmers were prohibited from travelling (far) and could wear simple clothes only - but in Japan now, they have more of a free choice.


In Medieval Japan, the transportation back then was much more different than what we have now - much more developed ( cars, buses etc.). They travelled on horseback (mainly for battles), horse-drawn carriages, a lot of walking and on sometimes on carts.


In Medieval Japan, The 3 Main Foods Were:1. Rice. It was considered to be a staple food and was a measurement of wealth.2. Vegetables and Fruits.3. Fish (Sushi).

Modern Japan, Medieval Japan. Difference?


Culture / Religion


In Medieval Japan, the people wore more of a tradtional style of clothing. But instead, in Modern Japan, the people choose to wear more casual clothings instead (although there are still some who wear traditional clothing).




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