What Are Spotted Owls?

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What Are Spotted Owls?

What Are Spottted Owls?:One of the Most Amazing Animals You Will Ever See In your Life

Spotted Owl on a branch

Owl Cathing Its Prey

Baby Owls

Spotted OwlsDietNorthern spotted owls are primarily nocturnal hunters and eat flying squirrels, wood rats, mice and other small rodents. They are also known to eat birds, insects and reptiles.PopulationAs a result of declining habitat, there are fewer than 100 pairs of Northern spotted owls in British Columbia, Canada, 1,200 pairs in Oregon, 560 pairs in northern California and 500 pairs in the state of Washington.Did You Know?Spotted owls are one of the few owls that have dark colored eyes. Most owls have eyes colored from yellow to red-orange.RangeNorthern spotted owls are typically found in old growth forests of northern California and the Pacific Northwest of the United States, as well as in southern parts of British Columbia, Canada.

Here's a cool website to look at:naturemappingfoundation.orgon the Spotted Owl

Two Young Owls

What is the Spotted Owl's new arch nemesis?Look on smithsonianmag.com for the Spotted Owl's new nemesis

Where Spotted Owls Live

Wildlife Biologist's Talented Spotted Owl Calls


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