What about me?

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What about me?

What About Me?




What do I do?


What is all these theories?Holland's Hexagon: a theory which shows our personal characteristics through six different traits that continues to our career path. True Colours: a theory that shows our personalities through four colours that each of them includes several different personal characteristics.Multiple Intelligences: a theory which shows what we are good at.R/L Brain: a theory that shows us which part among right and left in our brain is more developed than the other side. Employability Skills: a test that shows if we have suitable skills that requires when we are employed. Work Values: a test that notices which condition is most important(value) when we work. Personal Management Skills: a test that notices if we work on something with positive effects and attitudes.Self Esteem: a test which is performed to know how much we love and value ourselves.Study Skills: an ability to manage our time and concentrate on our work or study.

What did you learn about yourself through all of the self-assessments? This Glog will put together everything that you have learned about the various theories, as well as what you have discovered about yourself for each self-test.

-Holland's Hexagon-True Colours-Multiple Intelligences-R/L Brain-Employability Skills-Work Values-Employability Skills-Personal Management Skills-Self - Esteem-Study Skills

I've learned about myself from...Holland's Hexagon: I am a creator, who enjoys plays, movies, nobles, and shows that interest people, and like to work in an unstructed environment.True Colours: My two colours are gold, and blue. These colours include personalities such as... consistent, responsible, caring, compassionate, value feelings, and see good in everyoneMultiple Intelligences: My top three intelligences are intrapersonal, kinesthetic, and interpersonal intelligence. R/L Brain: For me, left brain is much more developed than right brain, which is often thought of as the logical, and thinking side. Employability Skills: Among the employability skills, the highest one is fundamental skill, and the lowest one is personal management skills.Work Values: When I work, stability, teamwork, and family as conditions are important to me.Personal Management Skills: The strongest skill is positive attitudes and behaviours, and the biggest barrier is adaptability. Self Esteem: My self esteem score is 74 out of 100, which is fine, but I need to try to raise it more.Study Skills: I am often fairly good on concentrating on working and managing time.


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