What a wonderful world

by samahhazal
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Language Arts

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What a wonderful world

One day I went to visit my grand mother who lives in the mountains.As I was walking, I’ve got tired so I stopped to rest under a big tree and I was amazed by the beautiful nature around me. So I took a paper and a pencil and I start describing what I see, I see trees of green, red roses and blue ones. It’s really a wonderful world where we live.I see clouds of white, the bright blessed day. I feel asleep for half an hour, and when I woke up It was dark, so I wrote on my paper; the dark sacred night makes me think of the wonderful world where we live.I kept walking to my grand mother’s house, when I’ve got there, I told her about the things I saw on my way to her house, I saw a rainbow and some of my friends camping with there parents, I met them I shake hands with them and I said how do you do ?I heard babies crying and I watched some of them playing with other kids and learning about the forest.It’s really a wonderful world where we live grand mother.

What a wonderful world !

Listen !

Samah Salih



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