Whale Tracking Device

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Whale Tracking Device

- Can only be used on whales and no other sea animals- Size: too small it will fall off; too big and it will be hard for the whale to drag around- Weight: if it is too heavy it will tip over and the tracking device could get wet and not work

- It can track where the whale is and see if it has moved and rescuers can go out and entangle it easily the next day- saves whales that are entangled

What problem does it solve?


- This device is being made for thousands of dollars less than existing tracking devices.- Every day 1,000 whales and dolphins are getting caught in fishing nets throughout the world. This product will help this problem so fewer whales are dying and they can contribute to their population. - 308,000 whales and dolphins are dying every year in fishing gear. This device should help reduce this number. - Captain Dave, the creator of this Whale Tracking Device was on the Ellen Show for rescuing an entangled whale. The video is at the top if you would like to watch it.

Interesting facts

Whale Tracking Deviceby Alex Barker


~ big black pole on the left side-to put the device in~ rope on the side-tie to the whales tail~ can float in water-so device can not get as wet as easily and so it doesn't drag the whale's tail down and cause it to drown~ big orange piece in the middle-weighs it down to have the correct amount of buoyancy

Captain Dave Anderson releasing a drone over the ocean. He is the creator of the device.

Up: Capt. Dave's tracking device.Right: An entangled whale.


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