Whale Shark

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Whale Shark

The Whale Shark

A whale shark can open its mouth 4.9 feet wide!

Can you believe whale sharks only filter feed planktin and small fish, even though they're the biggest shark in the ocean?

Whale Sharks are endangered because people fin whale sharks and put them back in the ocean. And Whale sharks cannot swim without their fins. From over fishing and killing whale sharks, there is only about 100,000 to 200,000 whale sharks left in the wild!

Why are they endangered?

What we can do to help

Imagine a world without sharks. Fish speacies would over populate oceans, and our sea would no longer be a blue ocean. So we should stop fishing and finning not only whale sharks, but other sharks too, so help our ocean not have too many over populated fish speacies. We can also make reports on why Whale sharks are important, and explain to people how to help them.

FIN FACTDid you know the whale shark process 1500 gallons of water in each hour?

FIN FACT!Did you know that the Whale Sharks scientific name is Rincodon Typus?

To fin a shark means to cut off its fin and use it for things like fin soup.

FIN FACTDid you know the whale shark got the name "Whale shark" because its as big and bigger than whales?

whale sharks live in all seas that are tropical or warm-temperature


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