[2015] Isabel Hartvigson (5th Earth Science 2015): Whale Captivity

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[2015] Isabel Hartvigson (5th Earth Science 2015): Whale Captivity


Have you ever wondered how any marine park got their whale orcas from? Well, marine parks capture whales and keep them captive for entertainment.

This is what people put whales in when they capture the from the sea, It lifts them from the water and moves them to where ever they need to go.

When orcas are forced to swim in circles all day, their dorsal fin flops over which is not normal and unhealthy.

The orcas develop skin conditions and become stressed, and when stressed, they dont want to eat, and just sit in the corner of the pool all day motionless.

Before orcas can be let back into the ocean, they need to be trained to be a wid orca again. They need to learn how to hunt, and how to hold their breath longer. For their best chance of survival, they need to find other orcas.

By: Isabel & Chantrie

A male orca was captured as a calf and trained to be a performer. The orcas name was Keiko, and he was set free back into the ocean.

This is a video of Keiko's journey being freed back to the ocean.

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