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Wh Question

Complete the sentences with the appropriate WH question word (who, what, when, where, which, why, how)._________ do you go? I got to my home._________ do you go? I am tired._________ do you go? I go at 5 o'clock._________ do you go to school? I go to school by bus._________ do you eat lunch every snday? I in MacDonald every sunday._________ is your name? My name is Danny.

_________ is your English lesson? My English lesson is at 10 o'clock._________ is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue._________ is your favorite singer? My favorite singer is Beyoncé._________ do you cry? I cry because I am sad._________ old are you? I am 12 years old._________ does your mother work? My mother works at school._________ is your best friend? My best friend is Dana.

We use with WH questions when we want to ask for information.Each question word refer to another information:When – timeWhere – placeWhy – reasonWhat – somethingWho – personHow – manner

Why are you angry?Where do you live?When is the lunch?What do you want to eat?Who is she?How are you?What is the difference between the marked words in each question?

StructureQuestions with doWH + do/does + subject + verbFor example:Where do you go?Questions with beWH + am/is/are + subjectFor example:How are you?



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