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wgtb proj.


we want our fredom we want rights!!!!!!!!!!!

as martin luthar king went from black chappel to black chappel say in the most insparational things like "oh fredom oh fredom,fredomover me." he broght out the joy in most of the black people. he also was singing prayers of fredom for every body.smoe afican americans belived that one day he would save us all and help give us our rights. he was a true hero

" kings voice rolled as he said i dont know whats going to happen next there may be beating, jailings, tear gas. But i rather die knowing that itryed then knowing that i did not."

marching for fredom part:1

"this little light of mine im gonna let i shine, let it shine, let it shine" -DR.KING

run run so we'll be the frist in line to vote

we are people too why cant you notice that we are the same on the in side but on the out side we are diffetent colors. so what we are diferent colors! all people should be treated the same



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