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Animals depend on wetlands, their food, water, and shelter is there!

Everything has lifecycles! For example frogs have them even plants do!

People have negative effects on wetlands. So that means that people wants these important things in nature removed because people think that they take up to much space.

Even you can help take care of wetlands! It's not just important to me but to you too!

Did you know that wetlands are close to what I do? They soak up water like me!

ConsumerAn organism that eats other organisms in a food chain.

DecompserAn organism, especially a soil bacterium, fungus, or invertebrate which decomposes organic material.

ProducerAn autotrophic organism that is served as a source of food for other organisms.

Bogis a wet muddy ground to soft to support a heavy body.

Fenis a peatland which is fed by ground water and is quite close to a wetland.

Sloughis an area of soft muddy ground which is in a swamplike region.

Marsh is an area of low-lying land which in flooded in wet seasons.

Pond is a small body of still water which was formed naturallly or by flooding a hollow space.

If wetlands were not here then I wouldn't be either!

In my life i adapt!Once I get older I will grow lungs and limbs.

Plants adapt too!Underwater plants grow bendy stems so they can flow along with the water.


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