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Cool Bird FactsOwls take over some gopher holes, woodchuck holes, and other small burrowing animals.some birds have a third eyelid for cleaning their eye, instead of moving up and down it moves side to side.Many birds of prey find strange places to build their nest, for example the tiny elf owl sometimes makes its nest in a saguaro cactus, the cactuses spines help to protect the nest.Harpy eagles have been known to take small sheep. The Harpys tallons are as big as a grizzly bears claws.Cool Snake FactsScales on different kinds of snakes are different shapes The eyes of snakes are covered by a thin transperent scales called spectaclesOn the bottom of a snake, the scales are usually larger and thicker than the ones on top.Your OpinionDo you want all these amazing creatures with all these cool features in nature?

Sad fact:(We kill millions of fish a day by polluting the earth, even by catching fish, later some types of fish will die out. The future of earth will depend on the actions of humans.

ThreatsPesticides caused an alarming decrease in the populations of some birds of prey. Birds of prey are at the top of their food chain, which means that when they eat an animal, they will take in all the poisons that every animal below them has eaten.This buildup of pesticides keeps the birds from reproducing.Every 24 hours 150-200 species get extinct because of us.The main threat to ducks, geese, and swans is the destruction of their habitats-the places they need for breeding and living. Unfortunately, some of the best places for waterfowl to live are also places humans want for themselves. For example, waterfowl like to stay near water, so many of their best habitats are located in wet areas near lakes and oceans. But some people see those wetlands and marshes as swamps that are no good to anybody unless they are drained and developed. Because of this, over half of our original wetlands in the lower 48 states have been lost to development.

Whats A WetlandWetlands are areas of land where the soil is covered with water. There are many types of wetlands. They include marshes, bogs, fens, and swamps.

Wetland PlantsSome wetland plants float on the surface of the water. Others grow with their roots and stems below the waters surface some wetland trees, such as the black spruce, grow on land next to the water. The magrove tree takes roots in water. Some plants, such as cordgrass, grow in salt water.

Why Wetlands MatterWhen Wetlands disappear, humans will suffer. Wetlands help clean waste and pollution from freshwater. We get fish, rice, cranberries, salt, and vegetable oil from wetlands. Some wetland plants provide the ingredients for medicines we use to keep us healthy. We also use the stems for mats and baskets.


How You Can HelpGo to www.wcs.org or www.worldwildlife.org*Donate to animal shelters. *Join a group of people that help animals. *Encourage people to stop drainning wetlands. *Reduce the amount of garbage you make. *Leave the wetland as clean as you found it.

What We DoIf we keep destroying wetlands and the fish that live there, they will die, and if fish die then birds, cats, wolves, bears, and crocodiles will die too. And if birds die then toads will die, also snakes would die because they eat crocodiles. That is why we should stop destroying wetlands, think about it, we are destroying animal habitats for stuff we don't even need!

Fun Fact!When ducks dive, they usually don't go down more then 10 or 20 feet. But ducks actually can dive much deeper. King Eiders may go down 180 feet or more to feed on sea urchins and other sea creatures.

Problems Solutions1.We throw trash 1.Stop throwinginto wetlands and it's into wetlands, and killing lots of animals keep it clean2.We have oil spills 2.Use alternative and it's poluting the things, you can getwater which is killing an eletric car and the animals and stop buying oil3.We hunt animals 3.Make more lawsfor wants not needs to protect animals4.We buy lots of 4.Stop buying things, and lots of it is products that are made from animals made from 5.We clear land for animalsfarming space even 5.DO NOT clear when we don't need land6.We kill animals for 6.Don't kill trophies and for stuff you entertainment don't need, Don't 7.People use a even kill animals cemical called at all pesticide and the 7.STOP using animals are eating it pesticides at all since the pesticides is cost you could now in them they can't endanger an reproduce. animalspecies8.We cut down a bunch 8.Trees don't of trees and they can only help crush wetland animals animals they and their habitats. help people 9.People are afraid too, so don't of some animals so they cut down treesshoot them out of fear. 9.Don't just shoot an animal because they look scary, and if it's your fault for getting in their territory

"Please stop killing us, you kill millions of us a day.":(

How Snakes HelpSnakes help us keep everything under control so rodents don't over populate.In certain places they help people calm down. They even made sculptures of snakes in ancient times. Also, snakes are not bad, they are misunderstood just like sharks. Do you think they are bad?

How Birds HelpBirds are very important to the environment.They hunt and eat rats, mice, insects, and other pests that eat farmers crops. They clean the countryside of dead and dying animals that can spread diseases and parasites, but still people hunt for them even though it is against the law...



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