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Praying Mantis

The evolution of my life!

BogThis wetland has wet muddy ground, and the water is a little bit acidic.

SloughIn this wetland, the area is full of soft mud, and is also swamp like.

FenA fen is a low and marshy area that is frequently flooded.

MarshThis wetland is flooded in wet seasons, or high tide.

PondA pond is a small body of water, formed naturally. This water doesn't move

Types of Wetlands


Eastern Tiger Salamander

Producer: An organism that serves as food for the other animals in the food chain. Examples: algae, cattailsConsumer: A consumer relys on another animal for food. Examples: osprey, common loonDecomposer: An organism that breaks down organic material. Examples: worm, snails

Did you know I have 6 eyes? It makes it easier to see my prey!

Don't try to eat me! My whole body is poisonous!


Do you know what animal I am? Well, if you're having trouble, I am a pelican! Us pelicans have alot of cool information about our species, but I'll only share a few.

Did you know a group of pelicans is called a pod?We're just like peas in a pod!Another interesting fact about us is that we are primarily fish eaters. This is because we live beside a wetland!

Wet Facts

Did you know that 25%of the world's wetlandsare in Canada? Another cool thing is that 14% of Canada is covered with wetlands!


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