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By:Ali Danesh

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Producers, Concumers, and DecomposersA producer is an organizam who can make it's own food with sunlight, water, and C2O.eg. a tree. A concumer is a organizam who has to eat other small organizims and can't make it's own food.eg. a fox. A decompser is a organizam who breaks down dead organzams.eg. a mushroom

We need to protect our wetlands. We don't want animals to be egstinked like the dinasaurs so you should do the following things: Protect near wetlands, don't litter, reduce reuse and recycle, plant trees, make wetlands, don't overfish, and reduce pullotion and construction.

what will happen if wetlands are destroyed? All that would happen is there would be lots more floods endangered animals, more pollution, less food, and climate change.

Life cycle of a frogThe frogs life cycle isn't complex. It starts as a egg. When the egg hatches a embreo comes out. Then the embreo grows into a tadpole. The tadpole grows legs and lungs and finally comes out of water, It's a tadpole frog! Later it loses it's tail and it's a frog!!!

This is a picture of me at a wetland. I can now see the beauty of wetlands. I want to preserve them.

Bogs, Fens, Marshes, Ponds, and PotholesA bog has highly acidic water and not much vegatation or nutriens. A Bog also has lots of peat.A Fen on the other side has slightly acidic water and lots of vegatation and nutrien. A Marsh is a low lying land with lots of tall grass. It doesn't have wood plants and you can find one near another body of water. Ponds are a small body of water. So small in fact sunlight can reach the bottom! Best of all you can make one! Potholes are a deep underground cavity formed by rock/water erosion. Fun fact: did you know half of migrating waterfowl depend on Potholes?

We should stop pollution!We should stop pollution because pollution is bad and can kill animals and plants. If pollution continues we are doomed.

The Beavers AdaptationsA Beaver has lots of adaptations, like it can swim well in water and has a transparent lid on its eyes so it can see well in a Wetland! It also has strong, sharp, and sturdy teeth good for chewing wood. These big rodents can make awesome dams or a cool lodge both of those beaver made structures are made out of wood. I think Beavers Rock!!!

Help The EarthWe need to help the earth by protecting any near weatland,reduce, reuse ,recycle, plant more trees, make a wetland, not overfishing, stopping construction or polution, pick up litter, don't litter, donate money for wetlands, encorage pepole to protect a wetland, and/or educate pepole about wetlands so they would protect wetlands!

This is a life cycle of a plant

Human impactsDid you know that wetlands are in danger? Humans pollute the water,air, and land, make dams, cut down trees, construction,mining, water draining, and lots of other bad things. The important thing is... HELP WETLANDS!!!

This is a picture of me at a wetland. I can now see the beauty of wetlands. Now I want to preserve them.

Whethar is a big thing in a wetland. Most of the water in wetlands come from rain and snow!

Whethar is a big thing in a wetland. Most of the water in wetlands come from rain and snow!

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Food web:interconected food chains

Food Chain:a chain linked by what animals eat


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    this is really good but your format is to squished together but otherwise you did a really good job

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    i liked how you put lots of information and wished you organized it better but other than that your blog is AWESOME!!!!

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    quite cramed together but the information is very good. where is the adio? i like the pic of the frog life cycle!