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Wetlands BiomeBiome? Yes, it's a neat name for a region on earth where similiar plants and animals are adapted to live in a particular climate. Click here to have the Untamed Science crew show you all about The Wetlands'!

Haley and Rob explain Wetlands plants and animals and more!

Click me to take a trip to the Wetlands and learn about how I'm so important to this ecosystem.

Click Annie and Moby to watch the video and complete activities related to freswater habitats!

Read about a local wetlands project in Woodbridge Twp... the one we're visting!

Let Bill Nye The Science Guy teach you a thing or two about how Wetlands are like a sponge!

Listen in about our state's largest urban Wetlands-The Meadowlands

Figure out in what parts of the country, our state and counties Wetlands are located. Also, based on this map what do you think about our state's "nature" status?

Check out third graders' "Wetlands Learning" experience

Click forOperation Wetlands


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