[2014] isabel hazlett: Wetlands

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[2014] isabel hazlett: Wetlands

Wetlandsby Isabel

The climate of the wetland is... well it's depending on the location, really. Some animals that live in wetlands include aligators, amphibians like frogs, and salamanders. Also turtles, snakes, and insects. Trees, shrubs, and mangroove, make their home in the wetlands. The caracteristics of a wetland is the factor that diquingisheswetlands from other landforms of bodies of water.


Wetlands lay in every continent except Anartica. Tempertures in the wetlands can range from -58 degrees F to 122 degrees F. Land forms in the wetlands include snowfields in the high mountains, estuaries and lagoons in the coast.

commom Snipe

Black-Winged Stilt

many speecies of fungi are also restricted to wetlands.


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