Wetland Conservation

by rfloresl
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Wetland Conservation

Wetland Conservation

Why care?Provide habitatsWetlands filter surface and ground water to help keep our lakes, rivers, and streams clean and pure.If we destroy wetlands then we lose clean water.

Causes of Wetland Loss

UrbanizationConstruction and DevelopmentSaltwater IntrusionLogging- cutting trees downSubsidence- gradual caving or sinking of an area of landPollution

FactsIn the 1600's over 22 millon acres of wetland excisted. Today less than half remain.Indiana has lost more than 80%, and California more than 99%

Ways to Conserve

Stop or reduce pollution-pick up any trash you see in the water or washed up on the side.Restoring Watersheds- a watershed is an area surrounding a wetland which when disturbed, contaminents can be washed downstream into the wetlandGet people informed about wetlands and their importance to society.Buy land specifically for digging wetlands Plant only native species of plants to preserve the ecological balance of the wetland.


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