Wetland Conservation: sonia holsen

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Environmental Studies

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Wetland Conservation: sonia holsen

Wetland Conservation

Causes of the problem: Wetland degradation can be caused by increased or decreased water flow into an area. - Bad water quality due to faulty septic tanks. -Overflowing sewers in an area can leak into wetlands.- Rain runoff rfrom agricultural areas pollute the lands. - When towns destroy wetlands in order to make more room for agricultural purposes.

Why we should care: Wetlands are important because they protect us from floods. ;The water from excessive rainfall goes into the wetlands. ;Also a wide range of animals make their homes in wetlands. Animals such as frogs, some birds, ducks, and other aquatic insects. ;Wetlands are a source of almost 1/4th of the worlds productivity.; The dense vegetation creates a natural water treatment system.

What are wetlands?Wetlands are areas with water covering the soil or with water near the soil. Wetlands support aquatic and terrestrial life. The types of plants that grow in wetlands are hydrophates or plants that are specially adapted to live in water. The soil near wetlands is called hydric soil which means that it contains alot of water in it.

There are many wetlands near us! The Little Calumet, Coffe Creek, and even some areas in the dunes are wetlands! By protecting our local wetlands, we can strive to protect larger wetlands all over the world.

we can conserve water by taking shorter showers, not letting the water run, etc. ;Also if we don't use as many fertilizers or pesticides, the chemicals from them won't seep into the wetlands water supply. ; we could appreciate the importance of our wetlands more so farmers looking for land see that they can't destroy the wetlands because people are enjoying them; also we could make sure our septic tanks and ands sewers are working correctly

What we can do: