Westminster v. Mendez

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Westminster v. Mendez

Westminster v. Mendez

When and Where:Orange County, California in 1947

I chose this quote because segregation is saying we're not all the same. Whether we're white or black, brown or blue, it shouldn't matter. We should all have the same rights because we're all the same. We're all human.

-Gonzalo Mendez moved to Westminster, California in 1919.-In 1943 he was 30 and was a well off vegetable farm with a wife and 3 kids. -He went to register his childern at Westminster Main school and they tell him he has to enroll them at a different school, in a different school district because of their race.-He and his wife were upset and sued the schools.- Mr. Mendez and 4 other Mexican-American father came together.-In 1945 he filed a law suit not only for him but for 5,000 other people.- They went to court and the judge, Senior District Judge Paul J. McCormick, was on their side.-On February 18,1946 Judge McCormick ruled that it was unconstitutional to segregate schools.- on April 14, 1947 the court of appeals for the ninth circuit affirmed the districts court ruling.

During this time there was a lot of segregation. Not only in the Mexican community but especially in the African America community. Being any color other than white, in the period of time, you're going to be compared and segregated.

I chose this picture because how there are no white children in this Mexican-American school.

"That we are all indiviuals; that we are all human beings; that we are all connected together; that we are all have the same rights, the same freedom."

It impacts ELLs because they won't have to be segregated, they'll all be integrated. They'll be able to learn better in an intregrated school instead of an segregrated school. As an educator we're giving them a better chance at learning also. Working together as a class to achieve a goal.

Who was invovled: The Mendez family and everyone else who was being segregrated.

Theme: Challeneged racial segregation in Orange County, California schools.


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