Western Settlement

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Western Settlement

By: Grant Lair

Depiction of a typical settler family

Conestoga wagons such as this one (right) were used often traveling westward

The population of these new states increased exeedingly fast. Amounts of settlers grew at a very high rate. For example in Ohio there were only 45,000 settlers in 1800 and 581,000 in 1820. That's a huge growth in only 20 years. Populations increased one, because families expanding and reproducing and two, more people just kept moving west.

Westward expansion happened in waves. The first of which started before the 1790s and added four new states from 1791-1803 which were as follows: Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. The second wave began between 1816 and 1821. This wave brought forth five new states: Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri.

Western Settlement

Fun Facts+Due to not being able to buy clothes at a store settlers often wore animal skins from wild animals+If a family were to stop on their journey they would usually construct a log cabin using materials from the wilderness because that was really their only form of shelter+Inside one of these typical log cabins all the funiture was made of wood+To farm in the new lands settlers created all of their tools and machines and he most was their wagon

Life in the West was obviously not as easy as that in the East, but the settlers found was to push through the hard times. Families would often gather and preform pass times together. Men would play sports, usually wrestling and women would find things to do aswell.

Log cabin with yard and small stable

Map of westward movement


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