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western lowlands

In the Western Lowlands you will find numerous lakes and the Seattle harbor. You will also find the oxygen in the region to be very refreshing. Our army of trees provides adventurous hiking trails. Upon your visit, you will find our landforms to be very interesting.

When you plan to come to theWestern Lowlands, make sure to pack an umbrella and rain jacket. Even the sunniest day can turn into a wet one. Our mild temperatures range between 50-70 degrees.

There is so much to see and do in this populated region. If you make it to Seattle, be sure to visit the Space Needle, grab a latte from the originial Starbucks, and smell the flowers at Pike Place Market. The Children's Theater, aquarium, and Seattle Science Center are always top picks for kids. If you like museums, you can check out Seattle's Art Museum, or Tacoma's Glass Museum or the Museum of Flight. The Tulip Festival brings lots of color in the spring. In the fall, residents travel from all over Washington to attend the Puyallup Fair. So no matter what time of year you visit the Western Lowlands, it will be sure to be an experience you will rememeber for a lifetime.

Jobs and Industry

While you're in the Western Lowlands, you'll want to visit many places. In Seattle there are many exciting things to do. Bellevue provides great shopping and scenery on Lake Washington. Tacoma is famous for it's harbor and events at the Tacoma Dome. The Western Lowlands is home to many islands including the military base, Bremerton.

Things To Do


Like most places, we have necessary jobs like construction building, doctors, and bus drivers. However, the Western Lowlands is known for their electronics. Both Microsoft and Boeing exist in the Seattle area, providing many jobs.

The Western Lowlands By Mrs. Ness




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