Western Long Beaked Echidna

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Western Long Beaked Echidna

Western Long Beaked Echidna

Zaglossus bruijnii


These creatures are one of the few mammals that have the ability to lay eggs. Generally, to distinguish the different subspecies one would look at the curvature of the snout and spine placement. The spines are for defense; the echidna can roll up in a ball like a hedgehog or dig a small hole to protect its soft underbelly.

The tropic category of the Echidna is called 2nd Class Consumer. Producers are plants and 1st class are things like bugs and herbivores. echidnas eat mainly worms or termites. Then dingos and feral cats wil eat the echidnas.

Range: Western highlands of New GuineaHabitat: alpine meadows and humid montane forests at altitudes between 1,300 and 4,000 m

The Western Long-Beaked Echidna's life cycle can last up to 30 years in captivity and about 20 in the wild. They use their long tongues to stick worms deep in the ground with the teeth on the tip of the tongue. Other than those echidnas have no teeth other than those and use their tongues to mash their food.Generally, echidnas are unsocial and only meet together for mating purposes in which one egg is lain into the mother's pouch.

Babies are hatched as incubated eggs and then moved quickly into the mothers pouch for a few weeks until the mothers temporary pouch can't handle the points.

Ouch! No wonder these things are hatched!


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