Western Expansion

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Western Expansion

Treaty of Fort Laramie....In the year 1868 the U.S government signed the Treaty of Fort Laramie. The treaty granted Lokato ownership of the Black Hills in South Dakota and Wyoming. This started the Black Hills Gold Rush and many people came to strike it rich. In 1876, the Homestake deposit was found and the town of Deadwood was formed, with the treaty being disregarded. This increased the tension between the U.S and Native Americans.

Century of Dishonor...In 1881 Helen Hunt Jackson published her book ''A Century of Dishonor'' In her novel she describes the unjustice actions of the U.S government to the Native Americans. Her book called attention to the way the U.S broke treaties and forced Native Americans off of there land and to reservations. She influenced a reform movement in Native American policy.

The Battle of Wounded Knee...In December of 1890 the last major battle between Native Americans and the U.S took place on the pine ridge reservation. It started accidentlally when the warrior's gun went off while the U.S was gathering the Soux guns and weapons. During this massacre women and children where shot down while trying to escape. All in all 150 Native American's died that day.

In 1862 the Homestead Act was passed by congress. The Homestead Act claimed that settlers could claim up to 160 acres of land, if they could live on it and improve it for 5 years. African Americans rushed west to claim there land! Unmarried women over the age of 21 can claim there land as well, allowing them to become independent.

Homestead Act Passed!

The Latest Farming Invention....

Barbed Wire was invented in 1874 by Joseph Glidden. Barbed Wire was a strong piece of metal and very affordable. Farmers used this to fence in large areas of land and strong enough to keep cattle in a enclosed space.

A farmer keeping his cattle on his land.

A Family claiming there land.

Native Americans trying to escape the Battle of WoundedKnee.

Helen Hunt Jacksonspublished book.

Map of Fort Laramie.

The Daily Times- SARA WARD

Letter from the Editor- In my opinion Helen Hunt Jackson was a remarkable women. In her book "A Century of Dishonor" she stood up for what she believed in no matter what other people said about her. In the world today we need more women like her. Women like Helen Hunt Jackson can change our nation. She went against the U.S government and showed United State citizens what was really happening to the Native Americans and influenced one of the most powerful reform acts.


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