Western Cordillera

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Western Cordillera

The Cordillera is located on the West side of Canada. It takes up most of Yukon and British Colombia, as well as parts of Alberta and Northwest Territories.

The Western Cordillera

This land includes the Rocky Mountains, as well as 5 other mountain ranges. It is also home to many tree types, including Douglas Firs that can reach up to 90m high!

The north side of the Cordillera has less than 500mm of precipitation, while the south has more than 250cm of snow each year.

The region has wildlife such as polar bears, caribou, seals, puffins, cougars, geese and wolves.

The Rocky Mountains were formed by plate movements forcing the earth's crust up.

The Western Cordillera has orchards and lots of farmland, as well as mining and fishing.


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