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West Virginia

West VirginiaFounded On June 20, 186335th State

Economic AspectsThe Appalachian Mountains have always been a great resource for West Virginia. Beaneath the Appalachian Mountains is one of the worlds largest supply of coal. The abudance of coal has offerened many West Virginians jobs in coal mines.

Social AspectsWest Virginia's mountains and state parks bring many tourists to the area. During the summer many come to enjoy the white water rafting experience. The mountains offer beautful fall foilage and during the winter many enjoy skiing at local ski lodges.



West Virgina's early history was shared with Virginia, of which it was a part of until 1863.

Political AspectsOn May 28, 1863 West Virginians went to the polls to elect their government officials. Two days later West Virginia became the 35th state in the union. The inagural ceremonies were held in Wheeling. Govenor Author Boreman inagurated the new state.

West Virginia FactsCapital: Charleston Bird: Cardinal Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: RhododendronNickname: Mountain StateAnimal: Black BearMotto: Mountaineers are always free

Govenor Author Boreman

West Virginia State Flag

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