West Region

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Social Studies

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West Region

This picture shows a little about the Califorina gold rush of 1849. Few miners got rich because of the gold they found.

Fast Facts - Mt. St. Helens really has two peaks! - The Microsoft indistury is located in the west. - Skiing is very popular in the west - The first Hollywood studio was born in 1911 in Hollywood, California.


Farm in Idaho

The fire looked like this.

These are Pictures of a luau in Hawaii! Luaus have specal foods like meat cooked on hot rocks. Some luaus are for special holidays, or just for fun!Eather way, almost every luau has lays!

One of the biggest disasters in the USA was the Chicago Fire of 1871. Almost half of chicago wasdestroied.

Califorina is one of the biggest fruit and vegtable prouducing states in the country!

Meat is roasting!

Mt. St. Helens on the top, Mt.Whintey on the bottom.

Idaho is famous for farming. Idaho's biggest farming item is potatoes!


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