West of the Moon: Part 1

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West of the Moon: Part 1

Main CharactersAstri, 13 year old girl - the protagonist.Greta, Astri's younger sister.Svaalberd, Astri's master- the antagonist.

West Of The Moon

Inspiration for the book:

An entry made by her great-great-grandmother in her diary when she was crossing the Atlantic to come to America.

Question #1

Question #2

The main setting: Rural Norway in the mid-19th century.

Norway has alot of folktale about fantastic creatures, trolls and changelings. Astri uses the magic and the folktales to guide her to survive her horrible situation.

The setting is both realistic and unrealistic. The realistic part is the farms and the people. The unrealistic part is the folklore, and the folklore creatures.

Author: Margi Preus Lives in Duluth, MNHas 2 children.Written numerous children's books. The Heart of a Samurai,Bamboo Sword and Shadow on the Mountain.Likes to snow ski.Teaches at the University of Minnesota.

Question #3

Protagonist:Astri 13 year old, blond, tall girl. Strong character, brave, smart, and determined. Loved her sister..

Antagonist:Svaalberd - the goatman. Astri's master and tormentor. Ugly, dirty, hump on his back, and cruel. Very selfish man.


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