West Nile Virus

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West Nile Virus

1. The structure of the west nile virus has been determined to be a crystal structure of soluble fragments. 2. West Nile Virus is usually transmitted to humans by mosquitos. it can also be transmitted and spread through blood transfusions, organ transplants, exposure in a lab, and from mother to baby during pregnancy. it cannot be spread through casual contact or without contact to the blood. 3. All people are equaly likely to contraact West Nile Virus if they come into contact with mosquitos that have the virus. 4. mosquitos are more common in areas like Africa, West Asia, and Indonesia which can increase the possibility for contracting west nile.5. the west nile virus is not very threatening compared to other viruses, but it does cause a headache, fever, soreness, dizziness, fatigue, or a skin rash when symptoms actually do occur. 6. this virus is not considered dangerous at all to humans because very few people with the virus actually becom ill because of it. on a scale 1-10 i would give it a 3. some patients with west nile have died, but only a small percentage. the mortality rate is around 4% in the US. 7. 5,674 diagnosis. 286 deaths. 8. the most effective weapon to prevent this parasite is to use bug spray or to avoid mosquito bites while outside. also dont touch or attend to any birds that are alive or dead because they carry the disease. avoid mosquitos for the most part. 9. most cases of west nile virus actually occur between the months of June and September.

West Nile Virus



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