West Africa People and Culture

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West Africa People and Culture

West AfricanPeople and Culture By Elle Arens

ReligionChristianity, Islam, animism, traditional African religions, and judaism are the religions in West Afrcia. They were brought over by the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Christiantiy is the most popular religion in West AfricaJudaisim the least popular

African Church

Members of A Traditional Religion

FoodA culinary favorite of West Africa is fufu.Fufu is a ball of dough and can be made from various types of flour. it is eaten with the fingers, usually peoples break off pieces from the ball and dip it into an accompanying soup or sauce.

HolidaysReligious Holidays1 Christian holidays ( Easter, Christmas, etc. )1 Ramadan - The ninth month of the Muslim calander, when muslims fast to " purify the soul".1 Korite - The end of Ramadan, muslims celebrate and have a huge feast


African who have the privilege to go to school, usually live in higher class areasMost kids living in lower class areas stay at home and help their parents work rather than going to school. primary school are 6 to 12 years old and are grades 1 through 6. middle school are 12-15 years and are grades 7 through 9. high school are 15 to 18 years and the grades are 10 through 12. Most African schools require a uniform


Most West African countries celebrate new years on the same date as us, villages have huge feasts and sit giant fire, talking and eating until the sun rises. Traditional African religions are honored on Vaudoun day on January 10th.

TRADITION Manhood1. The separation of a group of kids from their usual surroundings to be secluded in an isolated place away from the community. .2. There, they will be tested and taught by elders. The testing usually involves demonstrating physical endurance, mental strength, and intelligence 3. It is often the time when males are circumcised They must undergo the whole operation without showing any sign of fear and without expressing any discomfort. Failure to demonstrate fortitude would bring shame and dishonor to them and their family. 4.Their hair may be shaved off and the men change their names.


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