West Africa

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West Africa

The Niger River is located in West Africa. It is the 3rd longest river in the world after the Nile and Congo river which is also located in Africa.

Africa has musical festivals and Mali has one in the desert! It's called Festival au Desert and is in Essakane, Mali.

Most of the slaves came from this region, causing serious depopulation. Former leading colonial powers, Britain and France, have influenced the languages and institutions of the countries they once governed.

West Africa

West Africa is mostly made up of plains.

West Africa's religion is Islam and Christianity.

Their main resources are,agriculture, oil,and minerals. Some of the minerals that they produce are, diamonds, gold, iron ore, cocoa, bauxite.Bauxite is the main source of aluminum. Ghana is the world’s largest producer of cocoa, which is found in chocolate. Coffee, peanuts, and coconuts are also some of their major exports.

West Africa wear this for traditional events or sometimes just for clothing.

This is West Africa's tribal and oceanic art.

Part of the Sahara Desert is in West Africa.


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